5 Reasons Why You Should Try Scuba Diving

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If you are living an ordinary life on the ground but feeling like you want to get out of there and be less ordinary, let me introduce you to another world - it’s deep, calm and blue, the underwater world. The world you cannot miss if you come to Koh Tao.












You may wonder where to start, and might have questions or concerns like - “How would I do that? I’m not a certified diver.”, “I don’t have that much time to take a full Open Water course.”, “I’m not sure if I will like it, is there an option to just try?” or “I’m not a good swimmer but would love to try diving, is that possible?”. Well, lucky you! There is actually a program called “Discover Scuba Diving” (DSD) or “Try Dive” that can help you out. 

DSD gives you an opportunity to do diving within a day. A lot of people are interested in Koh Tao diving and this is how they do it without having to finish the Open Water Course with PADI beforehand. It is more or less an introduction to Scuba Diving in shallow water up to 12 meters underwater. Our professional diving instructors will keep a close eye on you pretty much every second. 

Sounds exciting already? Let me gather for you the 5 reasons why you should really take the DSD course.   








1. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  

Scuba Diving is probably on everyone’s life bucket list. Well, you can cross it out of your bucket list easier than you think. It is a chance to take a break from your busy everyday life and introduce yourself to the calmness of the underwater world, experience the weightlessness for the first time and enjoy observing the splendid undersea beings.


2.  It only takes one day. 

Of course, some people have limited days to spend time on the island, and the Open Water course will already use up 4 days of your vacation. Plus, Koh Tao has so many other interesting activities that you just cannot miss e.g. hiking, Thai boxing, cooking class etc. That’s why DSD would be your answer. DSD takes one day in order to allow you to know what your heart feels about scuba diving. If it feels like a match for you, then Open Water course can be considered in your next trip. 








3. You need no prior experience to do this. 

Life may totally change when you give something a try. That’s why PADI and Coral Grand Divers give a shot to uncertified divers who has never dived before. Coral Grand Divers will share their amazing world under the water with you under the supervision of certified PADI instructors who will make sure your first dives will be fun and safe.





4. You don’t even have to be able to swim. 

In Discover Scuba Diving, being able to swim is not really necessary. Going down the ocean, surrounded by water might not sound like a good idea for non-swimmers but that’s why Scuba Diving has its gears for. The equipment will help you breathe, move and control the buoyancy under the water. You will be assisted by a dive instructor, learn to use the gears, do a few skills, then you’ll be ready to explore the dive sites full of coral reefs and marine life.    

5. To get your body & mind checked before Open Water Course. 

Scuba Diving could be a memorable life-changing experience but sometimes it is just not for everyone. Some people might not be quite ready for the 4-day Open Water course (which costs more as well), and some people might find that underwater world is just not a place for them. So, Discover Scuba Diving is the best way to make sure that you will be really ready for Open Water and know what to expect during the full course. 


Make your experience in Discover Scuba Diving unforgettable with the highest level of PADI diving standard provided by Coral Grand Divers, a 5-star PADI Dive Center. Let us lead you to Koh Tao’s deep blue paradise under the water. If you never try, you’ll never know!

try scuba koh tao
try scuba koh tao
try scuba koh tao
try scuba koh tao

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