We offer a wide variety of Padi Specialties for you to expand your diving knowledge, and experience some new kinds of diving! Our most popular specialties are Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, and Enriched Air Nitrox, though we offer most all standard PADI specialties.


*Please note that these specialties are priced for the full course. There is a chance you will have already completed the one dive out of these specialties on your advanced course. 


Furthermore, if you have 5 PADI Specialties and 50 dives, you are eligible to earn the Master Scuba Diver rating! We will process your application free of charge if you do any specialty training with us. 

PADI SPECIALITIES package and price


Tri Spec : Full course

8 dives (Nitrox, Wreck, Deep)

3 licenses

Price : THB 16,900.-


Tri Spec with Advanced Open Water

11 dives, AOW, Nitrox, Wreck, Deep

4 licenses

Price :THB 24,500.-


Master Scuba Diver

5 Specialties, 2 month unlimited diving, Master Scuba certification

Price : THB 45,000.-

PADI SPECIALITIES list and price

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Price : THB 5,500.-

Learn how to capture the underwater world digitally on your camera. A course which helps you to select and frame the creatures and scenes that you want to share with your diving and non-diving buddies.

Min Age 10, Must be Open Water, Dives: 2

cgd-7 (1).jpg

Wreck diver

Price : THB 8,500.-

A sunken ship, it has a story, a history. This specialty shows you how to safely investigate these underwater mysteries. Find out about the boat, it’s life, it’s sinking. Make a map of it and maybe even learn how to safely go inside and see what is hidden within. Here in Koh Tao we have one primary wreck, the HTMS Sattakut, built by the Americans in 1942. It was specially cleaned and sank for recreational divers and is the perfect place to learn the skills you need!


Min Age 15, Must be min Adventure Diver, Dives: 4


Search and Recovery

Price : THB 8,000.-

Treasure! Most divers dream of finding treasure, a shipwreck full of gold! A lost anchor? A lost chest! But hold on! I cannot find it and when I do it is too heavy! This specialty will fix that. Teaching you how to conduct various searches for different situations and how to use a lifting device to bring your treasure to the surface.


Min Age 12, must be Advanced, Dives: 4


Peak Performance Buoyancy

Price : THB 5,500.-

Gliding through the deep like a fish, seemingly effortless, elegant. We all wish for this. This course will help you on your way. Learn to rig and wear the proper amount of weight. How to swim efficiently, hover effortlessly, even swim backwards. This may be the specialty that you need to polish your diving and look like a natural.


Min Age 10, Must be Open Water, Dives: 2


Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Price : THB 7,300.-

A course to show you how to safely use underwater scooters. See more, cover more distance effortlessly as you glide through the water using an electric motor and propellor, use less of your air supply.


Min Age 12, Must be Open Water, Dives: 2

Oxygen Equipment Rental

Emergency O2 provider (dry)

Price : THB 4,000.-

Be prepared to assist your diving buddy. Remember, the primary first aid for dive accidents is oxygen. But you need to be certified to provide oxygen. This course is the one. A half day on how to efficiently set up and deploy the oxygen in various scenarios for a variety of problems.


Min Age none, no certification reguired, no dives


Night diver

Price : THB 7,000.-

Love diving in the dark? Love seeing the different creatures that come out? Seeing the daytime creatures going to bed? This specialty teaches you to safely plan and conduct dives at night. Basic navigation in the dark, how to deal with the unexpected. What better way to end a day?

Min Age 12, Must be Open Water, Dives: 3

cgd-73 (1).jpg


Price : THB 7,500.-

Time! I need more time! This is the answer, because the nitrogen limits your dive time lets have more oxygen, less nitrogen therefore more dive time. NITROX (as it is commonly called) is the most popular specialty, and no surprise there. The extra time it gives you can be astounding. Particularly on dives between 18 and 30m. The future of recreational diving!


Min Age: 12, Must be Open Water, Dives: 2 (optional)

This course can be taught in conjunction with many other courses, ask your instructor!


Deep diver (40 m.)

Price : THB 8,500.-

Learn the techniques to safely plan and conduct dives to the recreational limit, 40m. See different creatures, experience the narcosis at our greater depths. Experience what effects pressure has on everyday objects and how much light we lose as we descend.


Min Age 15, Must be minimum Adventure Diver, dives: 4


Navigation diver

Price : THB 7,000.-

Ever wonder how your dive leader constantly manages to s find the boat? This course will help you to understand how. Learn some basic navigation skills then build on those to better understand how to find your way around dive sites. This course teaches you some more extensive use of a compass and, with tips from your instructor, you will be finding the dive boat in no time!


Min Age 10, Must be Open Water, Dives: 3


Underwater Naturalist

Price : THB 5,500.-

Find out more about everything you see on your dive. The fish, the slugs, the shells, the plants. The entire ecosystem that creates the environment that we are exploring. More than just fish, more about the why and how they live where we dive. A great course for the eco friendly diver.


Min Age 10, Must be Open Water Diver, Dives: 2



Price : THB 6,000.-

Sometimes you cannot find a buddy to go diving with. Sometimes you want to just take photos on your own. This course teaches you to safely plan and conduct dives with a redundant air supply, manage your dive gas supply and time so that you should never need it. Requires a little more discipline but well worth the effort.


Min Age 18, Must be Advanced with 100 dives, Dives: 3


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