Snorkeling trip around Koh Tao.

Coral Grand Snorkeling Trip

We are happy to offer our snorkeling trips on our private snorkeling boat, the Samui Princess!


Our snorkeling trip runs from about 9:45 until 3:30 in the afternoon. We go all the way around the island to some of the best snorkeling bays on the island, so you will get a chance to see more remote parts of the island. Popular snorkeling sites include: Japanese Gardens, Mango Bay, Lighthouse Bay, Hin Wong Bay, Aow Leuk, Shark Bay, and Taonte Bay.


We offer lunch as part of our snorkeling trip, and you will also get a chance to travel to Koh Nangyuan, which features Koh Tao’s famous viewpoint, beach, and restaurants. The price per person is 1,000 THB, and there is also an entrance fee of 100 THB to get on the private island of Koh Nangyuan.


Come join us for a great day trip! Don’t forget to bring a towel! Snorkeling Flier


Snorkeling Koh Tao & Dive in Koh Tao.